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Bio-Reaction®, Duall®, Flex-Kleen® and Met-Pro Systems are now Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions. For decades, these businesses have provided innovative solutions and a diverse line of products and technologies for the collection of particulates, the purification of air, and the destruction of VOCs. In 2011, a new subsidiary was established in South America, Met-Pro Chile Limitada, to improve our competitive profile throughout that rapidly industrializing market. As one organization, we provide complete single source solutions to all of your air pollution control needs.

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Solutions & Products

Our solutions and products include Bio-Reaction® bio-oxidation systems for VOC and odor control; Duall® chemical and biological odor control, degasification and carbon adsorption systems; Flex-Kleen® product recovery and dust collection systems including HEPA filtration; and Met-Pro Systems thermal and catalytic oxidation equipment.

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Markets Served

Major markets include metal finishing, municipal odor control, chemical, petrochemical, plastics, food, dairy, bulk material handling, nuisance dust control, paint and pigments, minerals and clay, cement and rock products, coal and fly ash, ethanol, landfill gas, wood products, animal processing and pharmaceutical industries.

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