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Bio-Reaction®, Duall®, Flex-Kleen® and Met-Pro Systems are now "Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions". For decades, these businesses have provided innovative solutions and a diverse line of products and technologies for the collection of particulates, the purification of air, and destruction of VOC's. As one organization, we provide a complete single source solution to all of your air pollution control needs.

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Bio-Reaction® is a pioneer in environmentally friendly air pollution control systems utilizing state-of-the-art biological technology to eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), and odors.

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Duall® is one of the leading manufacturers of air and water quality control systems for the treatment of odors, corrosive fumes and toxic gas in industrial and municipal applications.

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Flex-Kleen® is a leading supplier of dry particulate collection systems for process dust control, product recovery, nuisance dust collection and air pollution control.

Met-Pro Systems

Met-Pro Systems

Met-Pro Systems designs and builds thermal and catalytic oxidation systems for destruction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other atmospheric pollutants from a variety of industrial processes.

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