CECO Environmental / MPEAS Technology Offerings

  • CECO and MPEAS Air Pollution Control Technology / Product Recovery Offerings - PDF

MPEAS Product Bulletins

  • Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions Capabilities (English)

  • Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions Capabilities (Spanish)

  • Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions Capabilities (French)

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Duall® Product Bulletins

  • Duall® General Products Bulletin

  • Duall® Beta Nox 2000™ Wet Scrubbers

  • Duall® BIO-PRO® Biotechnologies

  • Duall® Carbon Adsorption Systems

  • Duall® Degasification and Air Stripping Systems

  • Duall® DUALLast® FRP Construction

  • Duall® HexMaster® and MistMiser™ Dry Scrubbers

  • Duall® Corrosion Resistant Fume Ventilation & Exhaust Systems

  • Duall® Hydro-Lance® Wet Dust Collector

  • Duall® Odor Control Systems

  • Duall® Oilmaster™ and Mist-X® Oil Mist Scrubbers

  • Duall® Corrosion Resistant Fans

  • Duall® Vertical and Horizontal Wet Scrubbers

  • Duall® Hexmaster Flyer

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Flex-Kleen® Product Bulletins

  • Flex-Kleen® Fabric Filter Products

  • Flex-Kleen® Welded Pulse Jet Dust Collectors

  • Flex-Kleen® Welded Rectangular Collectors

  • Flex-Kleen® Smart Timer™

  • Flex-Kleen® Smart Timer II™

  • Flex-Kleen® Trap 10™ Top Bag Removal Design for Pulse Jet

  • Flex-Kleen® CT Series Pulse-Jet Dust Collectors

  • Flex-Kleen® Parts and Service - "Simply The Best"

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Met-Pro Systems Product Bulletins

  • Met-Pro Systems Advanced Emission Control Systems

  • Met-Pro Systems Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

  • Met-Pro Systems Pharmaceutical Applications

  • Met-Pro Systems KPR Solvent Concentrating Systems

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Met-Pro Industrial Services Product Bulletins

  • Met-Pro Industrial Services Capabilities

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Duall® Case Histories - Fume & Gas Wet Scrubbers

  • Duall® Scrubber Systems and Exhaust Hoods Utilize Corzan™ CPVC Construction for Corrosive, High Temperature Processes

  • Duall® PT-500 Series Scrubber Controls Fermentation Tank Odors at Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

  • Duall® PT-510 Wet Scrubbers Installed for Semiconductor Plant House Ventilation

  • Duall® F-105 Wet Scrubbers Installed at Semiconductor Wafer Fab in Singapore

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Duall® Case Histories - NOx Control Systems

  • Duall® Beta NOx 2000™ Addresses Opacity Issue and Destroys Reddish Brown NOx Plume

  • Duall® Beta NOx 2000™ Scrubber and Ventilation System Controls Industrial Wastewater Odors

  • Duall® Beta NOx 2000™ Turnkey System Controls NOx Emissions at National Superconducting Cyclotron Lab

  • Duall® Beta NOx 2000™ Scrubber System Installed with No Production Downtime

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Duall® Case Histories - Wet Dust Collectors

  • Duall® Hydro-Lance® Collects Airborne Dust During Repackaging/Bagging of Calcium Chloride Beads

  • Duall® Hydro-Lance® - The Perfect Choice for Explosive and Combustible Dusts

  • Duall® Hydro-Lance® Wet Dust Collector Tested on Pharmaceutical Dust

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Duall® Case Histories - Odor Control Systems

  • Duall® Scrubbing Out Odor (Water & Wastes Digest - January 2008)

  • Duall® Bioscrubber Technology Puts Odors Down for the Count (Water & Wastewater Products - July 2005)

  • Duall® Bioscrubbing Solves Lift Station's Odor Problem (Water World - June 2005)

  • City of Atlanta Refreshed with Duall® PT-500 Wet Scrubber System

  • Duall® Model FW304 Packaged Scrubber Controls Sewage Treatment Odors

  • Duall® PTMD Packaged Scrubber System Fills The Need In Charlotte, Michigan

  • Duall® PT-500 Series Scrubbers Eliminate Odors in Houston Neighborhood

  • Duall® PT-510 Series Scrubber Reduces Fermentation Tank Odors at Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant

  • Duall® Quintessential™ Packaged Scrubber System Significantly Reduces Odors from Solid Waste Composting Facility

  • Duall® Quintessential™ Scrubbing System Solves Odor Complaints

  • Duall® PTMD Scrubber Improves Odour Control at Vancouver Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Duall® Case Histories - Duct Hoods & Exhaust Fans

  • Duall® Customized Lab Hoods Eliminate Fumes from a Mining Laboratory

  • Duall® Unique Overhead Push Air System Saves $ While Capturing Volatile Acid Mists

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Flex-Kleen® Case Histories

  • "Specifying Vessels for High Pressure Dust Collectors"

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Met-Pro Systems Case Histories

  • "Specifying a Thermal or Catalytic Oxidizer" (Process Heating Magazine - September 2009)

  • "Pollution Abatement for Elan Pharmaceuticals / Ireland" (BACT Beat NEWS)

  • "Eliminating Atmospheric Discharge of Paint Spray Solvents - a VOC abatement system for tomorrow's requirements" (Canadian Environmental Protection)

  • Controlling Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emissions in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - Cost vs. Performance Options for Alternative Solutions" (Pharmaceutical Engineering)

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Met-Pro Systems Technical Papers

  • "Catalysis - A look at the basics" (Chemical Processing)

  • "Controlling Emissions from Halogenated Solvents - Comparing carbon adsorption, thermal oxidation and catalytic oxidation technologies" (Chemical Processing)

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