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Air Quality, Pollution & Odor Control Systems

Duall Mist Eliminators & Dry Scrubbers

Duall® Mist Eliminators & Dry Scrubbers

Recommended for applications involving removal of aerosol mists in situations where minimum water usage is paramount.

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Duall Fume Scrubbers & Gas Wet Scrubbers

Duall® Fume & Gas Wet Scrubbers

The ideal solution for many air pollution control problems - especially effective on water-soluble fume and odor applications.

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Duall NOx Control Systems

Duall® NOx Control Systems

Single and multi-stage high efficiency scrubbers utilizing a unique wet oxidation/reduction approach to control your NOx emissions.

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Bio-Reaction® Bio-Oxidation Odor Control Systems

Bio-Reaction® Bio-Oxidation Odor Control Systems

Bio-oxidation systems designed to meet the demands for odor control at lift stations, sewer vents, and other municipal odor generating processes.

Duall BIO-PRO® Biological Scrubbers & Biofillers

Duall® BIO-PRO® Bio-Trickling Filters & Biofilters

State-of-the-art biotrickling filter technology is combined with a unique blend of micro-organisms to effectively remove odors.

Duall Chemical Odor Control Scrubbers

Duall® Chemical Odor Control Scrubbers

Corrosion-resistant chemical scrubbers for industrial and municipal wastewater odor control applications.

Duall Aerators & Degasifiers

Duall® Aerators & Degasifiers

Efficient and cost effective solutions for VOC removal, degasification and odor elimination.

Duall Ducts, Hoods & Exhaust Fans

Duall® Ducts, Hoods & Exhaust Fans

Constructed using the best corrosion resistant materials available.

DUALLast® FRP Construction

DUALLast® FRP Construction

Unique cost-effective material of construction offering the best advantages of both FRP and thermoplastics including greater strength and more corrosion resistance

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