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Duall Ducts, Hoods, Fittings & Accessories

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Corrosion-resistant fume ventilation and air pollution control systems including ducts, hoods, fittings, and accessories manufactured to standard specifications or custom designed to ensure optimum performance for your specific application. We offer more services than any other supplier; including on-site testing, pilot and lab studies, system design, spec writing, equipment installation and start-up.

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  • A large selection of competitively priced standard equipment is available for quick delivery.
  • Selected standard fans are stocked for guaranteed 3-day shipment.
  • Fans are licensed to bear the AMCA seal for guaranteed performance.
  • Molded, seamless duct fittings are available in selected sizes.
  • Systems operate with lower static pressure losses to save on energy costs.
  • Computer designed systems assure efficient capture of fumes and result in lower exhaust requirements.
  • Push-pull systems are available. High pressure, low volume design eliminates the need for large cumbersome push headers.
    • Reduces exhaust volume by up to 50%, reducing the cost of exhaust systems
    • Reduces heating and cooling costs
    • Captures drag-out fumes
    • Improves worker safety by keeping fumes away from workers
  • Experienced installation technicians provide quick and easy installation that helps you meet deadlines. Full-time staff of qualified engineers assures up-to-date technology.
  • Ventilation systems designed and constructed in accordance with ACGIH and SMACNA standards.
  • Duall® welders are tested in accordance with AWS G1.10M:2001 standards.
  • Hoods and ducting available in fire retardant FM 4910 approved materials.
  • Duall® is a certified Corzan™ CPVC fabricator.
  • All corrosive ventilated airstreams
  • Highly corrosive environments
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